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This is an opportunity to partner up with Universum on our 2018 Career Test. This is a free partnership to gain key insights into your students employer and career preferences, their preparedness in key soft skills employers are looking for and how they rate their university. 

Every year, Universum gathers insights on the job expectations of over 1.3 million students worldwide which are then heard directly by top employers, helping to bridge the gap between students and employers. 

We want your help to get our survey out to your members. In exchange for your promotion you will get an exclusive, tailored report with the results (at no cost of course).

This includes:

  • What your students are associating with your university, their views and preferences around their university experience.
  • Preferences of your students in terms of employers and career choices, aspects such as salary expectations, career preferences, ideal employers. This data could really help in knowing what employers your students are interested in/what they want to gain from their future work, helping you to build relationships. 
  • Benchmark of your results compared to the average UK student, or any other comparison group you would like, i.e. only Russell Group unis, only unis in your area etc. 

I would send the report to you shortly after the survey closes on March 19th & I would also like to present the data to you, giving you tips on how to use it in contact with both the university & business community. 

Additionally, this is your students chance to be heard by employers since our research forms the basis of many top UK employer's recruitment strategies & branding efforts at universities.