Milkround Society Awards 2018

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Milkround Society Awards 2018

We are delighted to be working on this year's Milkround Society Awards, celebrating the hard work that you and your society contribute over the year to make a difference to your university and peers.

Milkround, the leading student a graduate jobs website, have launched this year’s Society Awards. They aim to celebrate the achievements you and your society have made over the last year.

You’ll find there are two awards up for grabs:

1. Individual to have made the Biggest Contribution to a Society

2. Outstanding Contribution to Society

There are a couple of stages on the way to the final prize:

1. The initial application form (complete here)

2. Ten nominations from each category will be hand-picked to come and present to a judging panel of employers telling us what they would do with £1,000 and learn some key skills. A winner will be then chosen from each category

So what do you win?

· We have a massive £1000 cash prize for the Outstanding Contribution to a Society winner

· There’s also a £250 voucher for the individual prize

Get your entries in quick- nominations will close at midnight on Friday 18th May!