Introducing: York St John University ACS

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

We are a newly put together African Caribbean Society (ACS) set up at York St John University. We are still quite small however our aim is to create and bring awareness of diversity and culture of BAM at the university. So far we have ten members, have been on a trip to Spain, hosted a Jamrock dancehall event in York and now we are planning a culture week on May 8th-15th which will educate and showcase the all the different cultures.

Our committee consist of:

Melissa Mbabazi (Uganda/Rawanda) – President

Tené Dowling (Bermuda) - Vice President

Meki Mwadime (Kenya) - Treasurer

Nyasha Chirimuuta (Zimbabwe) - Social & Charity Coordinator

Georgia Alagoa (Jamaica) - Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator

Achievements: Gaining 6 new members to join the society in addition to the 5 that started it up, as we are a very small university and lack culture and diversity this was a huge challenge for us. We have been nominated for the best new society of the year as well as our Vice President (Tene) being nominated for society personality of the year which was excellent news!

With the help and guidance of Sponsor My Society we are hoping to get our name out there to become a bigger and better society by providing more working and experiential opportunities for BAM students at York St. John.