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Student Marketing via Clubs and Societies

Here's what clubs and societies can offer your company:

  • Influential social media content and promotion across channels
  • Prime logo placement on merchandise worn across campus & cities
  • Emails sent on company's behalf to mailing lists with thousands of students
  • Committee members who effectively act as brand ambassadors
  • Sponsored events in 'untouchable' locations
  • Insight into student networks and connections
  • The backing of prestigious universities from across the country

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Case Studies


Uber - affiliate Marketing

Referral schemes are an excellent way for all parties to gain value. We're working with Uber to share the value across our student groups, giving them unique referral codes which  provide discounts to members and commissions to the societies.  

  • Over 150 university clubs and societies set up with personalised referral links
  • 50+ universities reached
  • £1000 worth of free rides distributed

PwC - email marketing

We put together an email marketing campaign for PwC, promoting their Opportunity Challenge to society committee members, where entrants can win up to £6000 in sponsorship.

  • 800 committee members reached
  • Over 30 societies attended Opportuntiy Challenge events

Silverstick - sales LEADS

Silverstick Clothing are our go-to supplier for both standard and customised society wear. They've catered for some of the largest clubs in the country, and provide quality time and time again, for a great price.

  • Over 50 connections created
  • £2500+ of revenue generated