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A long time ago, in the era of our great ancestors, The Pharaohs, King Tut once ruled magnificently over his loyal people, and his kingdom represented the greatness of what great men could achieve.
However, at the end of any man’s journey, once he has perished and is forgotten, it was Anubis, the God of embalmment, who kept the soul alive, and journeyed with it to the afterlife to live gloriously forever and served as a ever-lasting protector of that soul for eternity. TUT FC is a representation of that idea.
The forgotten players and the eager fans looking to cheer on for something more exciting and meaningful are all King Tutankhamun; once mighty and great, now almost forgotten by the passage of time.  While TUT FC is symbolized by Anubis, bringing back those that were forgotten and allowing them to live on forever in fame and glory to achieve their highest potential in what they truly love most, football.
Just as Anubis once protected King Tut and the great people, the Anubis logo on the players’ jerseys will serve as the same ever-existing protector throughout their journeys on the pitch. Both the royal name of the club and the God-like look of the logo create an air of fierce competition, unparalleled greatness, and most of all unyielding grit in the face of the great unknown.
TUT FC is a new football club, intended to reignite the passion within old players and the motivation of players that never got a fair shot or making it - to relive their dream once again
At TUT FC, we're committed to reignite the passion within players who gave up their goals to pursue careers they didn’t feel as strongly about as well as achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive impact on the beautiful game.

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