African Caribbean Society
African Caribbean Society

African Caribbean Society




ACS stands for the African Caribbean Society.
The ACS mainly focuses on educating and uniting people of Newcastle together. We welcome all races and ethnicities with a curiosity and a passion for African and the Caribbean heritage. Our goal is to supply a better knowledge through our history, culture, music and food. Bringing people together to showcase their individuality while celebrating and embracing their roots is very important to us. We intend to contribute to the wider community by supporting ethnic minorities and also build on the strengths of these minority groups. Furthermore, we are committed to meeting on a regular basis as well as arrange different events and activities throughout the year that all students can engage in. We attempt to help new students settle in and give current students a social experience to remember & the support needed while studying hard for their degree and a promising future.

The sponsorship will be for the year 2020 to 2021.

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