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The ACS (Afro-Caribbean society) MU Pleven is seeking to open a societal account with Metro. We are a group of ethnic students from the UK who are currently studying medicine in Bulgaria in the hopes to return to the UK once we graduate.

The ACS is a student run organisation which hopes to provide opportunities to our members and the wider community. We would like to work together with a number of organisations in the UK as our options within Bulgaria are limited. Currently, we are trying to source sponsorship for our society so that we can run a number events that will help educate non-ethics about the African diaspora but also to provide long term career prospects for our members.

Studying at a university abroad can be challenging, let alone studying in a previously communist country, particularly given the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities. It is with this in mind that we would like to provide a community open to anyone/everyone who wishes to get involved. One in which they feel free to express themselves and to socialise with other members with backgrounds similar to their our own, all the while enhancing their cultural awareness.

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