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“Introducing us as a team”
Vanbrugh College RUFC is a men’s rugby union team based in one of the colleges at the University of York. With the new academic year approaching, we are hoping to find a sponsor for the upcoming season.
“Who we are and what we stand for”
The Vanbrugh College RUFC is one of the longest existing teams at the university as part of one of the first colleges to be founded in 1968. College sport in general is an integral part of the culture at the university and receives wide public attention during Varsity/collaboration events in collaboration with Durham University and other parties throughout the year. College rugby in particular is one of the larger contributing factor to this, with a strong sense of community growing both within and between teams, and opportunities for personal development coming through the chance to take on one of a multitude of leadership roles within one of the many self-sustaining teams that have emerged.
“How sponsorship would help us achieve our goals this year”
Securing a sponsorship would allow us to fund the upgrades we hope to make to the club’s equipment – be this a new set of balls, tackle pads, bottles, or otherwise. It would also allow us to subsidise new playing kit and put towards the annual tour or other trips, enabling the players to travel where otherwise they perhaps couldn’t.
“Things we could do to facilitate a sponsor, and what exactly we would be asking for in return”
- Social media publicity
- Regular custom in bars/hotels etc
- Feature on kit/merch
- Ambassadors on campus
- Any other applicable sponsor-specific action
General funding, tour-specific funding, equipment purchase discounts, direct purchase of equipment, discounts in stores/establishments

Thankyou for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that it has you considering a sponsorship arrangement with the team for the coming year. If you have any further questions about the club, it’s goals, or capacity for a sponsorship, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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