Warwick RAG (Raising and Giving)
Warwick RAG (Raising and Giving)

Warwick RAG (Raising and Giving)


University of Warwick


Warwick RAG helps people. We are the primary student-led charitable society at the University of Warwick, usually raising around £250,000 for various causes each year. A famous name, RAG is consistently one of the largest societies on campus with membership drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. We offer our members the chance to engage in a diverse range of exciting activities, including challenge events, raids (streets collections), domestic and international volunteering opportunities, one-off events and a crazy social calender. We would not manage to do all this without help from other entities. We are experienced with working with a wide variety of sponsors (Deutsche Bank and the Meningities Research Foundation for example) so we know how to promote your brand on our campus. Our membership count alone is over 600 people, but our reach is much more.

We hope this helps you to understand both the amazing work we do and how any future sponsor would both benefit from a partnership with us and be an integral part of the RAG experience for the coming year!

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