Warwick Mixed Netball
Warwick Mixed Netball

Warwick Mixed Netball


University of Warwick


We are an extremely unique society, there are very few other universities who have a Mixed netball club or team. We are also very different to most sports teams at work, we think we strike the perfect balance between relaxed and competitive sport.

We are one of the largest sports clubs on campus, offering students the opportunity to participate in regular sporting activity, regardless of skill or fitness level. Many members have no prior netball experience but are drawn to joining the society due the club’s welcoming nature created by the friendly and inclusive exec who run the society.

The ethos of our club is to create a balance between a relaxed sports environment and a place to meet friends, often for life. In addition to its academic prowess, Warwick is also recognized for its presence on the courts. Despite primarily being a non-competitive club, we host and play weekly matches at both competitive league and friendly levels.

We have a diverse body of students in our club, creating an environment from a huge range of backgrounds. Most members join our club as an opportunity to expand their social network as well as improve their health and fitness. We are passionate about all activities our club undertakes, which range from training session and tournaments to charity events and regular socials. These events are used as an opportunity to take a break from studying.

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