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Warwick Girl Boss Society

Warwick Girl Boss Society


University of Warwick


Warwick Girl Boss Society is a community of women who support and empower each other to reach personal and professional goals. As an independent society at Warwick University, founded in 2019, we are on a mission to promote better wellbeing and mental health on campus while supporting the career aspirations of ambitious women at Warwick. Wellbeing is the foundation of all success. We are committed to be there for each other, through the ups and downs, to aid the growth of our members in reaching their full potential.

We are best known for our flagship “Spilling The Tea” series, where we provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to discuss topics such as body image, relationships and mental health. We believe in the power of real talk and how embracing authenticity and vulnerability empowers and builds genuine human connection. We all face similar challenges and struggles, you do not have to power through alone.

Our career events provide talks, workshops and networking opportunities with leading female speakers from various industries, such as fashion, branding, consultancy and entrepreneurship. We specialise in introducing unprecedented speaker profiles and topics to add distinct value to our members’ experience

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