EQHO Dance Society
EQHO Dance Society

EQHO Dance Society


University of Warwick


EQHO is the University of Warwick's most successful street dance society founded, run and made up of Warwick, as well as non-Warwick students !

We offer open classes twice a week to all abilities using our own choreography and attempting to bring individual style, feel and flair to each class. Some weeks there is an additional class on Saturday which is normally given to a styles workshop or an external choreographer.

We offer workshops with external, professional choreographers and dancers with a host of different and unique dance styles; from straight 'Hip Hop' to 'House' to 'Afrobeat', from 'Waacking' to 'Popping' and 'Locking' -whatever the style, training with the experts helps to develop our own style, ability and versatility as dancers. In addition to this are collaborations with numerous other dancing societies in Warwick- including Warwick Bhangra, Bollywood, Breakdance and Salsa.

We also participate in a multitude of different performances throughout the academic year, ranging from IGNIS, World Party, Carnival and Pizzaz, to national competitions with other competing university dance societies such as Loughborough - all of which involves hard work, commitment, team spirit and a great deal of fun !

Last but not least, EQHO is deeply involved and engaged in charity work, leading to us receiving a Pro Bono Award for raising the largest amount of money in one night for the 'Dance4Justice' Initiative !

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