‎Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society
‎Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

‎Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society


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Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (WHKPASS), founded in 2009, is one of the most vibrant and diverse societies at the University of Warwick, involving over 300 members across various academic disciplines. As a society, we believe in the importance of both developing a sense of social awareness, and also transforming our knowledge into action. Hence our motto “Knowledge and Action”. Guided by this dual approach, our society has been successful in enhancing our members’ knowledge on local and global issues, while also enacting social change through various charity and volunteering projects.

To enhance members’ knowledge on contemporary public affairs in Hong Kong and increase a sense of social awareness, we actively engage in forums and hold various talks throughout the year. We also provide regular updates on social media regarding Hong Kong’s current issues. Furthermore, we also host debates to ensure that a variety of ideas and opinions are being heard. This encourages intellectual exchanges with PASSes from other universities, while also establishing a better inter-PASS relationship.

Our commitment in transforming knowledge into action is evidenced by our regular participation in helping various social causes in Hong Kong, engaging in activities like beach cleaning and charity sales. Through social services, we encourage students to develop their own moral compass and a sense of responsibility. Our regular volunteering trips also allow us to extend our passion for volunteering beyond the UK and Hong Kong, while at the same time, helping our members develop important skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Encouraged by our past success, our vision for this year is to further consolidate the reputation of Warwick HKPASS as pioneers in encouraging the development of well-informed and socially-responsible citizens of Hong Kong. This will be achieved by organising a number of new initiatives on top of our existing projects. This includes introducing biweekly updates for our online publication PARISCOPE, establishing our new Speaker Series and Discussion Forums, and most importantly, launching our new flagship event – Warwick-Oxford Debate Workshop. In doing so, we are giving more opportunities to our members to become better versions of themselves, ultimately contributing further to Hong Kong as a whole.

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