Salford Snow
Salford Snow

Salford Snow


University of Salford


SalfordSnow is a club for everyone. We’re all about having a good time whether we’re on the slopes abroad, out in the town or just in the Student Union bar!

Here's what we do!

* Weekly Chill Factore Trips including Lessons, Race & Freestyle training
* Weekly social events
* Annual Holiday to the Alps
* Monthly big social where many many crazy things will happen
* Lots of cheap deals for members and discounts at select online retailers
* Opportunities to compete in various local and national freestyle and race events
* Subsidised travel and entry fees for trips/events.
* Christmas meal with food and cheap drinks

+ much more!

As you may have already heard, joining a club at university is a GREAT way to meet new people. It’s also a good way of getting to know students who already know what it’s like to live in/around Manchester, who can show you the best places to go out and who can help you with your boarding or skiing.

Upcoming Events
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