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We are the University's Softball team that also play in the local league, the SSL. The club is well represented on regional and national teams with several of our past players playing beyond university and gaining places in the NSL (National Softball League).

We are a tight knit team who have weekly socials (more if we can) along side weekly training sessions. We also include our past members in our activities through an alumni group so our new members can have a greater learning experience of the sport.

Why would we like a sponsor?

1. Our University has decided that we should have a standardised kit, this means our team members having to change their original shirts. The result of this may mean some of our players will not be able to afford the full kit, as a committee we do not want any of our players feeling left out or as if they are not part of our team.

2. Due to Covid-19, we have had to change to a monthly membership rather than yearly. This means there is no guarantee that we will have money at the start of the year for new kit or for renting out our training hall.

3. We want to be able to pay coaches who would like to come to our training sessions, perhaps once a month, to help educate our team on certain technique that we should be using. This would be beneficial for all players but especially new players that have recently joined and are still learning the ins and outs of the sport.

4. We want to be able to increase game time for developing players, this would mean putting out multiple teams, there are opportunities both local and national for us to be able to carry this out. This would allow our players to put their skills into play through competitions, and perhaps entice them to carry on playing Softball past university like some of our past members.

If you would like to sponsor our Team please get in touch with the below email or message us on Facebook.

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Ellie Scott - Media and Events Secretary

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