Portsmouth Women's Rugby Team (UPWRFC)
Portsmouth Women's Rugby Team (UPWRFC)

Portsmouth Women's Rugby Team (UPWRFC)


University of Portsmouth


We are the Women's Rugby team at the University of Portsmouth, where we are one big family. We have two teams a competitive team and a developmental team. Our Competitive team won the South Eastern Cup and came second in our league. We are excited to see how our team can develop this year. Our team trains twice a week and competes every Wednesday, we also enjoy having team socials to help bond and unify the team. We are an inclusive team, and welcome girls of all skill levels.

Why we are looking for sponsorship?

1. Due to COVID-19 our membership payments have turned to monthly payments instead of a yearly payment. This means we may struggle to book our training pitches or travel to our games.

2. As we are a small team compared to the men's rugby teams, we have struggled to afford general kit such as training balls and water bottles, and therefore sponsorship would benefit our team massively.

3. We are attempting to grow our club by forming a second competitive team, in order to grow the number of our members we want to try and increase game time by being able to compete in more tournaments and games.

If you would like to sponsor or know more about our Club, please get in touch with either of the below emails or message us on our social media accounts.

Club email: https://www.facebook.com/upwrfc

Niamh Bevan - UPWRFC President

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