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COVID-19 has distanced society, and naturally, the Nottingham University Afro-Caribbean Society champions the cause to reinforce a sense of community through you. All of our 400+ members are aware of the growing conscious surrounding the modern black experience and we realise now more than ever the outstanding importance of embracing a culture of excellence and inclusive unity. COVID-19 will not impede our ability to deliver more to our backers, nor will it falter ambitions to inspire, enlighten and entertain a community within the top 1% of global universities.
Our philosophy starts with inspiring our collective members to strive towards and achieve excellence. The committee is composed from a variety of courses from Economics and Politics to Pharmacy and Law. We have secured internships and scholarships with prestigious financial and regulatory bodies and aim to pass the torch onto our capable members through virtual/physical workshops and networking events. As a sponsor, you will have an active role in teaching and educating our community on the opportunities you provide and assuring your brand is the black community’s vision of inclusive corporate governance. At a minimum, we will distribute your materials or products and make you a household name for the community.
Taking advantage of social media underpins our ability to enlighten members; debates and discourse surrounding the black experience will be complimented with initiatives to tackle topics such as financial illiteracy, fake news in 2020 and workplace discrimination. Our platforms span over 3000 followers, who will benefit from a continuous stream of educational content.
Additionally, we plan to support the Nottingham community through organising blood donation drives to reinforce that the black community is proactive in supporting disadvantaged people. Sponsors will be recognised and presented as our partners who make all our initiatives possible.
Entertainment and escapism is key to providing a phenomenal university experience, and we aim to celebrate the work of our society through safe social events and honouring the talents of our community through a Black Excellence event next year. Showcasing the rich and diverse talent found in our community and applauding the work of our corporate backers will be the perfect end to a successful academic year. By supporting us, we will take your company reach beyond the scope of our society, through collaborations with other Afro-Caribbean societies and neighbouring universities Nottingham Trent and Loughborough.
The University of Nottingham Afro-Caribbean Society is chaired by future leaders united under the ambition to uplift their community and support your organisation in extending the reach of your ethos. We proudly present the opportunity to be a guiding figure of the next generation of brilliant students by setting the bar for their aspirations.
We would be completely delighted to work with you in future. Kind regards, University of Nottingham African Caribbean Society.

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