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The University of Nottingham African Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity, unity and culture by putting on events that educate, reflect and empower our proud members. We strive to enrich the academic and social experience of our members, whilst simultaneously upholding a strong sense of community. The ACS demonstrates the vibrancy of African & Caribbean culture through the coordination of exciting, inspiring and enjoyable events, which are open to anyone with an interest in learning about our culture. We understand that the real value of our society comes from our ability to collaborate with our members, other societies and the wider community. We aim to help create a dynamic and productive environment which engages everyone we work with. At Nottingham ACS, our goal is to enhance the student experience at Nottingham by celebrating the richness and diversity of African and Caribbean culture, this lies at the heart of all our activities. We also deem it our responsibility to bridge the gap between our community’s potential and real opportunities in a variety of fields, including our careers and access initiatives. Our society also creates a platform for networking and a medium to inspire ourselves and enhance the future of our members. Our motto is Educate, Empower and Entertain and it’s something we intend to honour. Our motto drives into everything that we do both within the university and outside the university. We thrive to make the most out of the community that we are a part of through engagement and networking. We know, as black students, it is easy to work hard and get into university but then get lost in the social scene and just work for you degree, but through our determination and ambition we aim to push our members to reach their full capacity and some more! As we are investing into our futures, we understand the importance of maximising opportunity through access, even more so as minorities, specifically black students. We aim to open up the doors to our members to change and inspire further diversity and culture within the work world and in all industries. The essentiality of this is key as without communities like an efficient and exceptional ACS, inclusivity and diversity can get lost in an industry closing the doors of creativity and reaching out to a wider audience, especially in the globalised world we live in today. The University of Nottingham, ranked in the top 1% of all universities worldwide, as well as in the top ten for employability by the Graduate Market. Out of all the Russel group universities African Caribbean groups the university of Nottingham ACS is one of the largest with nearly 400 members. Notts ACS is the source of a high academic quality with members averaging 340 UCAS points (AAB). The University of Nottingham produce exceptional candidates for employers, this is across all socio-demographic groups, the Nottingham ACS recognizes our skilled community and under our guidance we want to cultivate an environment where our ACS members are the desired product of their environment, producing the best candidates, who strive to be the best in their chosen fields. We want to hold career and skills events, but not just during one careers week, bi-monthly. We will focus on employment paths, CV writing and interview skills. We would do this by holding workshops, networking events and talks inviting quality key speakers who work in a variety of different careers for those who may know what employment path they want to take and for those who are looking for guidance as it may be outside their degree as well as within it.
Our ultimate goal as an ACS is to become a positive force for our members and a constant source of social value in the communities, we work in. We believe that as a collaborative society we have the ability to empower not just our own members but everyone we have an opportunity to work with. We are looking for a successful company to sponsor us that has a heart of development in students among the ethnic minority. We strongly believe your company’s values align with what we are aiming to do. We would like to invite you to join our mission to educate the members in our society. As a sponsor you will be part of a community of members who are interested in developing themselves and in discovering opportunities to further their career prospects. At Notts ACS we take sponsorship seriously and we strive to seek ways how your monetary sponsorship can not only help our members but you as a firm. We hold regular interactions with another ACS’s across the UK. Notts ACS is well publicised in the Student Union's Media which is accessed by 43,000 university students. Our events attract students from many different universities. Sponsoring this society will give your company exposure to a wide number of diverse bright undergraduate students with a wide range of talents. I believe KPMG could have a big impact on the members of our society. With your help we can open doors of opportunity but firstly we must also equip our people with the skills and knowledge to walk through those doors.

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