PCES (Post-Crash Economics Society)
PCES (Post-Crash Economics Society)

PCES (Post-Crash Economics Society)


University of Manchester


The first student led society advocating for reform to the economics syllabus. We campaign for critical thinking, academic pluralism, and real-world application to be considered to a greater extent in economic curriculums nationally. Our initial report, “Economics, Education and Unlearning”, has been introduced by Andrew Haldane from the Bank of England. And our members have authored academic works including reports and “The Econocracy”.
The combination of our long-term vision, professional publications, and regular events has caused our presence to become widely known. We have been discussed by the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Economist, the Times, the Washington Post, and the BBC among other organisations. Furthermore, we regularly network with economic institutions and international speakers when organising our campaigns and events.
Our work has resulted in the introduction of new modules at the University of Manchester and has contributed to the formation of other University student societies that campaign for economic pluralism across the country. We are honoured to interact with and reflect the views of so many students, which will have significant long-term implications. Ultimately, our realisation of the importance of reforming the economics curriculum is summarised by Samuelson, “I don’t care who writes a nation’s laws, or crafts its treatises, if I can write its economics textbooks.”.

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