BA Econ Society
BA Econ Society

BA Econ Society


University of Manchester


The BA Econ Society is the largest course society at the University of Manchester.

Why do we exist?

Our main purpose is to establish closer ties among students of the School of Social Sciences and to provide professional development opportunities to our event attendees through a unique membership experience. We organise events because we want to increase the chances of like minded people getting together, and in doing so, aid them on course specific queries, enhance their career prospects and create a lively community.

Who do we exist for?

We welcome all students, from both the British and the International community, that are currently enrolled on any course at the University of Manchester. We also expand our reach to UoM alumni that have belonged to the BA Econ Society before graduation. Correspondingly, we mainly devote our career efforts to Economics related pathways.

What do we do?

We organise events. We host private night outs, pub crawls, day activities to mingle, daytrips, assessment centre workshops, CV workshops, personal branding workshops, conferences, business networking spaces, talks… Oh! And two big events: an International Trip and a Summer Ball.

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