Emerging Markets Society
Emerging Markets Society

Emerging Markets Society


University of Leicester


The Emerging Markets Society is University of Leicester's newest society.

An emerging market is defined as a country with low to middle per capita income, which is experiencing rapid economic growth and becoming more deeply integrated into the world economy. Some notable mentions would be the BRICS economies, which are by far the most recognised emerging markets.

The aim of our society is to expand students understanding of the importance of these countries on the global economy. We want to achieve this by hosting leading academics, executives, investors, and representatives of governments and NGOs from all parts of the worlds.

Furthermore, we aim to have a positive impact on our members by hosting various events which would help members become more commercially aware, improve their network, increase their chances of employability and sharpen them as individuals.

We aim to provide as much support as possible to our members through our committee, to make sure members are getting all the support necessary for them to be successful.

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The Committee

Mohammed Hussein Aziz



Felix Tsang



Ruqayya Dagia

Vice President


Chief Editor

Jehad Miah


Harsh Mehta



Events Officer

Evie Ratzki