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The Leeds University Business School (LUBS) Society represents over 50 undergraduate courses, supporting over 1,300 members from a range of disciplines, including Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, Marketing and a multitude of joint honours courses.

We invite you to enter into a partnership with us, giving you a chance to further develop your relationships with an enterprising, talented and driven group of students.

The LUBS Society is the second largest departmental society at The University of Leeds. We are seeking your assistance and expertise to introduce our members into the wider business world through our flexible range of sponsorship packages.

Unsurprisingly, given the number of subjects available to study in the Business School, our members have diverse career aspirations and a variety of remarkable skills to offer.

Our impact is not only underpinned by the membership size or the variety of courses we represent, but by our social media and brand presence. This spreads across many different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our Facebook pages currently have a combined following of over 3,900 members. We are able to use this as a powerful device in order to provide our sponsors with access to students at a top-rated Russell Group Institution.

The opportunities that we offer branch into branding, recruitment & sales. Whether your organisation is looking to advertise its products, increase exposure, or recruit highly skilled graduates, the LUBS Society is the perfect partner for you. Please note that all designs below are subject to change.

Ranked as the 7th most targeted unviersity (High Fliers Report, 2018) LUBS is an opportunity you dont want to miss.

Please do contact me for our sponsorship proposal packages at president@lubssociety.co.uk

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