Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders
Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders

Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders


University of Leeds


The Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders are home of some of the most successful university cheerleading teams in the country. With 3 competitive teams and 2 non-competitive teams, we hold almost 200 members from all backgrounds, most having never stepped foot into any sports of its kind before joining our society.

For each year we have been competing at least one of our teams have won a national title. Currently, our pom dance team, Phoenix, are two time national grand championships for the dance category. Two members of our competitive teams have also competed internationally at the World Championships, one of which came 6th when represent Team England.

The non-competitive teams support other sports teams at the university including Men's American Football, Women's rugby, Lacrosse and many more as these teams continue to grow.

Our society is currently taking a leap into expanding into new areas of outreach through creating an alumni network, endeavouring in new charity work and forming welfare support for our members.

We strive to be an inclusive, friendly and supportive society, taking pride in representing an up-and-coming sport in the UK.

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