African and Caribbean Society
African and Caribbean Society

African and Caribbean Society


University of Kent


The African-Caribbean Society is one of the most popular and rapidly expanding student-led communities at the University of Kent, housing over 350 members during the 2018/2019 academic year and our family is ever growing.

The year is looking very promising. Kent university accommodates to students all over the world who we are welcoming to join us on our journey.

Our team is already hard at work with planning fun, engaging and informative events as we aim to elevate and expand our ACS to new heights. Furthermore, we provide a sense of belonging to a community, where everyone is welcoming regardless of ethnic background. We are establishing strong relations with a wider demographic to increase understanding and ensure excellence is striven for in unison.

We are keen to help members of our society find social belonging as coming to University alone can be tough and daunting however by creating a community where individuals are able to come together with others from similar backgrounds to learn, socialise and create is crucial to forming fruitful relations and achieving excellence amongst us as a race.

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