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93% Club Edinburgh

93% Club Edinburgh


University of Edinburgh


The 93% Club Edinburgh was founded in the summer of 2020 in an aim to create space for state educated students at The University of Edinburgh to voice their experiences and opinions, while also working towards social mobility.

This society is particularly important at Edinburgh University as 93% of the UK population are state-educated, yet here, we account for only 65% of the intake. Often state-educated students at Edinburgh

University feel educationally and socially disadvantaged compared to their privately-educated peers.

We aim to offer practical and professional advice and opportunities for state-educated students in applying for graduate schemes, internships, work experience and other activities. We also want to effectively implement outreach strategies with the wider Edinburgh community, to assist breaking down barriers for state-educated and particularly disadvantaged students in getting into university.

We speak out and challenge the university when issues regarding social mobility occur.

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