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TEDx is an internationally recognised brand, providing eye-opening talks which truly encourage an incredible bust of creativity and ambition to people looking for “ideas worth spreading”

We are excited to announce our annual TEDxDurhamUniversity talk on the 7th March 2020 will be on the theme “Make your mark”

We are actively searching for financial support for our conference to ensure that entry is free and accessible to everyone. We we welcome any amount of financial support, from £300 - £3000.

With such funding, we would be able to fund speaker travelling and accommodation costs. This is crucial because it creates an incentive for interesting speakers to attend and share their perspective.

We are contacting engaging speakers across industries and universities, including Sarah de Carvalho MBE; CEO of “It’s a Penalty", General Sir Adrian Bradshaw; who served as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe in NATO and Rob Lake; founder of Authentic Investment and Advisory Board Member of many sustainable finance firms. We would love to make TEDxDurhamUniversity better than ever, but to do so, we need your help.

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