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The Durham African & Caribbean Society is a student run society whose membership is mostly comprised of persons with African and Caribbean heritage.

The society seeks to provide a means by which persons of or interested in African and Caribbean cultures can form a bond, resulting in a support structure. The society helps give members a sense of belonging in the Durham society, especially considering the fact that majority of its members are international students.

The aims of the society are aligned with the society’s core values which rest on the 3 pillars; awareness, culture and support. These values are derived from the desired characteristics of the ACS membership- an educative, supportive, coloured society. The society places enlightenment, culture and support in high esteem. This is manifested in the events hosted which span from educative seminars, quizzes and themed night outs. The society also caters to the talents/interests of its members; through expressive outlets like talent shows and social media support.

The ACS aims to spread the appreciation and knowledge of African and Caribbean cultures throughout the whole Durham student body and not just limited to the scope of its membership. It seeks to be a well-established strong platform where students from minority cultural backgrounds can find support and gain a sense of belonging.

But most importantly, we aim to be a happy family.

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