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UCLan Trampoline Club is a fantastic team for people of all ages, abilities, genders and fitness levels. We have a wide range of people already training with us from absolute beginners to advanced trampolinist.

Throughout the year we have many opportunities as we compete all over the north of England as part of the NEUT (Northern English Universities Trampolining) League which is great fun and gives us the opportunities for weekends away with friends and meeting people with similar passion from all over the country. There’s the opportunity to compete for fun and also to go for the medals and team points. We also compete in Varsity, BUCS and a fantastic overseas competition which is the highlight of the season among other opportunities.

UCLan Trampoline Club has continued to grow over the last few years and has been incredibly successful during 2018/19 coming home with over 70 medals, 2 category champion titles and some international medals too. On top of this we won ‘Charity Fundraiser of the Year’ and ‘Club of the Year’ at the SU awards which proves just how fantastic our club is.

As a club we would like the opportunity to be sponsored by you, because this would allow us to take the whole team to competitions giving each and every member the opportunity to succeed in a competition. Having a sponsor would also mean we could afford full team kit, allowing us to pay for our members kit so that our club can continue to be one of the most affordable clubs at university inspiring students to get involved in a fun exciting new sport. In return we would give you the opportunity for your logo to be on our kit, which we wear in training and at competitions. Secondly, when we run our charity events, such as our very successful 24 hour sponsored bounce we would love to involve you as much as possible.

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