The 93% Club Cambridge
The 93% Club Cambridge

The 93% Club Cambridge


University of Cambridge


We are a student-run society that is dedicated to improving the experience of students from state-educated backgrounds at the University of Cambridge. 93% of students in the UK are state-educated, yet at Cambridge, they make up only 68% of the total student body. At individual College level, this statistic is often worse.

Not enough is being done to break down the divide between state and private school students, nor to address or alleviate the gap in social capital and future career opportunities post-graduation. This group was created in response to an expressed need to voice the opinions of state-educated students and to address feelings of alienation and inadequacy that too often limit their growth and success.

The 93% Club’s key aims are to:

1) Establish an inclusive and empowering platform for state-educated students to share experiences, opinions and concerns through informal social events.
2) Provide students from state-school backgrounds with useful professional development and skills workshops, speaker events, networking opportunities, and educational resources.
3) Foster a social community and a powerful network for state-school students at Cambridge to enable post-graduation guidance, alumni connections and membership to a rapidly growing network of 93% Club societies at traditionally elite British universities.

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