Cambridge University Badminton Club
Cambridge University Badminton Club

Cambridge University Badminton Club


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We are the official club of the University of Cambridge and run all badminton leagues within the university, therefore we have an exposure to hundreds of students. We also compete against teams at several universities across the UK as part of the BUCS league and more locally in the South Cambridgeshire League. Our most high-profile event is our annual Varsity match against Oxford University. More information about the club is available here…
We can offer you many benefits of sponsorship:

• Your logo will be displayed on our website and social media accounts
• You will feature in the Varsity match programme
• We will give you access to our mailing list to send promotions and we can publish a few promotions on our social media account
• You will be able to spread brand awareness to ambitious student who will soon be entering the labour market
• You can promote your company image as a generous company who is supportive of the badminton community

All of these benefits are conditional on receiving significant support. In particular we would benefit from direct financial aid or significantly discounted shuttles/ equipment.

We would be enormously grateful for any aid you can provide. It all makes a massive difference to the quality of our badminton experience. We are dedicated to making sure you get value for your money and we know it will be very helpful for your company to gain exposure to our students at Cambridge.

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