CUSU BME Campaign
CUSU BME Campaign

CUSU BME Campaign


University of Cambridge


The Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign (BMEC) exists to voice the concerns, address the issues, cater to the needs of, and improve the educational and social environment for Ethnic Minority Students in Cambridge at both undergraduate and graduate level.

We seek to ensure racial equality for all students in the University, encourage ethnic minority students to fully engage with the community and to educate the general population about the diversity of Black & Minority Ethnic students at Cambridge. This includes campaigning for the cultural and religious needs of the range of ethnic and cultural communities. We are here to represent minority students and to empower them to be proud of their background, enabling them to overcome adversity.

Our focus is primarily on improving race relations, fostering and developing cultural diversity, promoting integration without assimilation, and tirelessly working to ensure effective representation. Our long term goal is that all minority students can experience Cambridge life to its fullest without the slightest fear or reservation.

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