The University of Bristol Pool and Snooker Club
The University of Bristol Pool and Snooker Club

The University of Bristol Pool and Snooker Club


University of Bristol


Founded in 2014, The University of Bristol Pool & Snooker Club is a rapidly growing, active and popular club dedicated to students interested in social and competitive cue-sports. The club welcomes players of all abilities and facilitates social and competitive play throughout the year. We compete in a number of national tournaments, where we often come away with medals. Our club has an active social side, with a social event being organised once a week, on top of this we have organised our first ever club holiday abroad. We have a keen interest in charity work, we raised just shy of £2,000 for mental health charities and plan to do even more this year. This year the hard work of our members over the last year was recognised by the SU, with us winning most improved club.

Club Achievements and honours:
• 2018/19 BUCS Home Nations Snooker winner and representative (Joel Riddaway)
• 2018/19 UPC Men’s Student Home International Pool Championship winner and representative (Aaron Birch)
• 2018/19 BUCS Snooker Trophy singles silver medallist (Aidan Tam)
• 2018/19 BUCS Snooker Trophy bronze medallists
• 2018/19 BUCS Women’s Pool Championship silver medallists
• 2018/19 BUCS Men’s Pool Trophy winners
• 2018/19 Southerns Pool Shield singles winner (Richard Seed)
• 2018/19 Southerns Pool Trophy silver medallists
• 2018/19 Southerns Pool Championship silver medallists
• 2017/18 BUCS Snooker Trophy silver medallists
• 2017/18 BUCS 9-Ball Team Championship bronze medallists
• 2017/18 BUCS 9-Ball Team Trophy bronze medallists
• 2017/18 South West Pool Team Championship Winners
• 2017/18 Southerns Pool Trophy singles winner (Frank Zielenewski)
• 2016/17 BUCS Home Nations England representative and silver medallist (Joel Riddaway)
• 2016/17 BUCS Snooker Team Shield bronze medallists
• 2016/17 South West Pool Team Championship Runners-up
• 2015/16 BUCS Snooker Team Plate Champions
• 2015/16 BUCS Pool Team Trophy Champions
• 2015/16 Varsity League Individual Championships Runner-Up (Stjohn Peters)
• 2014/15 Varsity Pool Champions
• 2014/15 BUCS Pool Team Shield Champions
• 2014/15 South West Pool Team Shield Runners-Up

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