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As we are a student run club we rely soley on sponsorship partners and student grants to support our members. We are hosting our second ever Christmas formal this year for 90 students and we are looking for a local business to work with to provide this years decorations. Having seen your Instagram we would love to discuss with your the possibility of a sponsorship deal.

In return for a service or donation to our club, we can offer:
¨ A logo on our club t-shirts and other merchandise, all members are required to wear these for grading and for tournaments (In the year 2018-19 over 200 pieces of merchandise were sold).

¨ A logo and website link on our student union website, which is visited by thousands of students throughout the year.

¨ Business for our Christmas Formal which has been booked for 90 people.

¨ Presence on our social media, which is our main form of communication with all of our members.

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