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Founded in 1935, Galenicals is the largest society in Bristol Students’ Union – a charity with the aim of improving the lives of students at the University of Bristol. We advocate for and support medical students at Bristol Medical School, providing representation and welfare support, educational opportunities, and social events to build relationships that last a lifetime.

We invite you to be part of our diverse community, giving an
opportunity to connect your brand to a unique and passionate audience. Our sponsors gain access to over 1400 paying members, allowing you to increase your brand loyalty and help mould the
doctors of tomorrow. We offer access to our social media feeds (ranging from 526 – 1,841 followers), newsletter (all Bristol medical students), website (~450 monthly visits) and of course face-to-face
networking and promotional material at events with students.

Under the Galenicals umbrella, we have 57 affiliated sub-societies,
offering sporting, educational, performing arts and volunteering opportunities to our members. We run a significant number of
events throughout the year, from revision sessions and lectures by accomplished medical professionals, to bake-offs and balls. Through these, there are a plethora of brand opportunities for you to
directly interact with our members.

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