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180 Degrees Consulting Bristol

180 Degrees Consulting Bristol


University of Bristol


Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Bristol. We are the newest branch for the world's largest student consultancy!

We work with top consultancy firms to mobilise the talent on Bristol’s campus to assist charities, social enterprises and NGO's with high quality consulting advice in order to advance social impact.

Our mission is to assist charities, social enterprises and NGOs with high-quality consulting to advance social impact, and in doing so empower talented students to make a lasting social difference

180DC Bristol is the newest branch of the global 180 Degrees Consulting network.
We have been carefully selected to start advancing social impact.

We are committed to working with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges they are facing.

We gathered 600+ sign ups in our first event, breaking any society's record in our university. We have secured 4 corporate partners within a month of starting the branch and we have also secured 4 client projects to work on.

We plan to organise several more events and attract the brightest minds on campus to help advance social impact!

We are growing rapidly and are strengthening our presence in our community, and we invite your firm to support us on this innovative movement!

If you have any questions regarding our sponsorship packages, and other information regarding our society branch, please email us at:
- bristol@180dc.org
- msuwaid@180dc.org

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