African & Caribbean Society
African & Caribbean Society

African & Caribbean Society


University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham African Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity, unity and culture by putting on events that educate, reflect and empower our proud members.

We strive to enrich the academic and social experience of its members, whilst simultaneously upholding a strong sense of community. The ACS has a significant focus on careers providing direction and advice to society members pursuing a work life in a wide range of sectors: finance, creative, medical etc. Our society illustrates the vibrancy of African & Caribbean culture through the coordination of exciting, inspiring and enjoyable events, which are open to anyone with an interest in our culture.

The ACS is open to all students who want to find out more about African and Caribbean culture. We hope to create a vibrant community of people and use their talents to create a fantastic experience in the learning of our different cultures and each other. Our society also creates a platform for networking and a medium to inspire ourselves and enhance the future of our members.


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