UCL Women's Football Club
UCL Women's Football Club

UCL Women's Football Club


University College London


UCL Women's Football is the largest University Women’s Football Club in the UK. We have three competitive teams playing three times a week and a development squad for players new to the sport. Through providing training at all levels we have adapted to students' increased interest in women's football. We pride ourselves on achieving a balance of sporting excellence, voluntary work and social involvement within the university- and we have been recently awarded UCL's Sports Club of the Year and Volunteering Club of the Year (2017/2018).

If you'd like to get in touch about a sponsorship opportunity, please get in contact with-

Zura Wafir (President) - zura.wafir.16@ucl.ac.uk
Miriam Haendler (Treasurer) - miriam.haendler.16@ucl.ac.uk
Keely Nazareth (Sponsorship Officer) - keely.nazareth.16@ucl.ac.uk

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