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Royal Holloway Debating Society

Royal Holloway Debating Society


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The Royal Holloway Debating Society provides students with a platform to practice the art of polemics, independent from the subjects they study here at university, in a plethora of topics designed to not only pad CVs and enhance job prospects but to develop transferable skills for use in any and every degree. Whether that is within our weekly highly popular debates, within our large debating events with external speakers or within our debating varsity.

This year, we have introduced our varsity debating team: the 1896 Club. An homage to the earliest traceable debating society here at Royal Holloway, we aspire to create a culture of competitive debate designed to boost our members’ confidence, presentational skills, and oratory ability This is our chance to promote the university on the national stage as a team rivalling that of world-renowned institutions and compete for awards that will boost the university’s prestige.

Term 2 marks the commencement of competition season, and the events we intend on attending at Exeter Open, UCL IV, LSE Pro-Am and three others require funding for registration costs and transportation. We aspire to provide all students with the opportunity to competitively debate, and covering these basic costs will enable our entire team to attend, regardless of circumstance.

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