QMUL Aerospace Society
QMUL Aerospace Society

QMUL Aerospace Society


Queen Mary University


The Queen Mary, University of London Students’ Union Aerospace Society was established in January 2019 by two first year students who were passionate about the field and where it can take you in the future. The original aim of the society was to bring together people from all academic years who not only study the subject, but take an interest in the industry and wanted to meet like-minded people in an informal setting.

Although the society was formed only very recently, we have already garnered a lot of interest and by March 2019, our committee has grown to 6 people and we had over 30 members, with many more hoping to join in the upcoming academic year. We especially hope to advertise our society to the new intake of first years, PhD and Masters students this coming September, and have a goal of reaching 100 members by July 2020.

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