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Oxford Brookes University Cricket Club are looking for new sponsors for the upcoming 2020/21 academic year.
We are looking for local businesses like yours to become team sponsors. Your potential contributions would be
targeted towards controlling the costs of the club as well as aiding in continuing the exceptional
performances of the club over the last couple of years. 
Oxford Brookes Cricket Club is a very highly regarded club within Brookes Sport. We are a very close bunch of
individuals who welcome anyone with an interest in cricket, whether it is to take part in the sporting aspect of the
club or to contribute to the other aspects of the club. The club is run by 14 committee members who are very
passionate about the club and are the suitable candidates for their allocated role to allow the club to be fruitful
and to prosper within the next 12 months.
In the 2019/20 the club had 70 members which is the most members the club has had for an academic year
adding to the 500 past members since the inception of OBUCC. November 2018 saw the Oxford Brookes Indoor
Cricket team come one win away from the National Indoor Cricket Finals tournament. Following this, in 2019, the
1 st team played very well, making it all the way to the National Finals once again.
The Oxford Brookes 1 st team secured promotion, in 2019, with an unbeaten season in into Midland 2A,
blowing away their opponents with a team that deserved to be in a much higher league. The 2 nd team finished
2nd in Midlands 4A narrowly missing promotion by one match and were badly hampered by the weather during
the 2018/19 season.

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