Criminology & Sociology Society
Criminology & Sociology Society

Criminology & Sociology Society


Middlesex University


We are proud to welcome all students and staff members of the Criminology and Sociology Department at Middlesex University. Our society was founded in 2013 by a former student with the main aim of creating a platform where students could socialize and discuss their ideas and expectations regarding the subjects of Criminology and Sociology.

The Criminology & Sociology Society intends to organize social events where students can socialize with their peers and develop their social skills. As well as providing opportunities for student members to improve and develop their criminology and sociology skills, reaching their full potential.

Nominations: The Criminology & Sociology Society has been nominated for different awards. 2015 the society had a nomination for Best Event of the Year with the International trip to the University Rotterdam. In 2017 the society won the award for Best Academic Society.

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