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Loughborough Nigerian Society

Loughborough Nigerian Society


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Objective of the Nigerian Society Loughborough University.

The Nigerian Society Loughborough University was established to provide:

A platform to educate and entertain all Loughborough students in Nigerian culture.

The society seeks to create an intimate atmosphere through frequent gatherings that showcase the culture and values of Nigeria.

It targets three types of Loughborough students;

For students straight from Nigeria, the society aims to assist in settling into the University and dealing with the cultural shock they are often bound to face.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Students of Nigerian origin but based outside Nigeria are also opportune to re-connect with their culture.                                                                        
Finally we aim to encourage diversity as a society welcoming students of all nationalities interested in all things Nigerian as well as hosting events with other cultural and non-cultural societies in Loughborough.

The current committee aims to achieve these objectives by holding a number of scheduled events over the academic year as specified in the Events Calendar 2019/20.

Occasions such as the Independence Day event and after party aim to promote Nigerian food, heritage and entertainment.

To ensure maximal attention is directed towards developing future leaders that remain aware of the state of affairs in their country, the society will also focus on politics and world affairs through leadership focused events and debating activities as The Great Debate.

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