GKT Women's Football Club
GKT Women's Football Club

GKT Women's Football Club


King's College London


Guys, King’s and St Thomas’ Women’s Football Club (GKTWFC). We are predominantly made up of medical students, with a number of dental, nursing, physiotherapy, and biomedical science students from King's College London, with two top class teams and over 60 members.

We have experienced great success in recent years as a club, and our club membership is growing steadily. The 1stXI enjoyed their most successful season last year. Winning the National Association of Medical Students (NAMS) tournament (after coming in as runner-up for the previous 3 years) solidified their position as the top women's medical school football team in the UK. The 1stXI also emerged champions of the United Hospitals Cup for the second year running, on top of strong performances in both BUCS and LUSL leagues. The 2ndXI saw their biggest year in terms of turnout and enjoyed their best run ever at the NAMS tournament. They are looking to increase opportunities for play and will be joining a Wednesday BUCS league in addition to the usual Sunday LUSL league.

We recognise how important being a part of a sports team is for students; to keep healthy, relieve stress and build friendships. This year we are looking to build on the growth of women's football in England (and the upcoming Women's Euros 2017), and promote access to sport for anyone with an interest. Throughout the year, we try to contribute to our local community through charity tournaments, sponsored events, and working with other organisations involved in the health and wellbeing of individuals.

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