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Founded in April 2015, the King’s College London branch of 180 Degrees Consulting aims to provide students with the opportunity to work on consulting projects that will have a real impact on non-profit organisations and social enterprises. The branch attracts the most talented students from King’s College London and delivers meaningful research and quality recommendations to enhance social impact.

Over the last couple of years, the KCL branch has successfully completed projects from all over the world. Working with non-profits from Asia, Europe and Africa that have involved various social issues such as climate change, poverty, education and human rights, the KCL branch is evolving to become one of the most dynamic and diverse in the UK.

Apart from high-quality projects, 180 Degrees Consulting KCL also provides several opportunities for personal and professional development in the form of skilful training sessions, nation-wide conferences, workshops, talks and other stimulating events concerned with both social and management consulting.

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