South Asian Relief Society
South Asian Relief Society

South Asian Relief Society


King's College London


SARSoc is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid in the South Asian region by means of undertaking
various fundraising projects throughout the year. Our society aims to unite university students upon a
common goal of improving the lives of the South Asian people as well as to educate and entertain.
We hope our work will dispel the negative stereotypes that exist surrounding the South Asian
community, and in turn create solidarity among students from different backgrounds. It is quintessential
to us to remain sincere in our intentions, hence self-reflection is an integral part of our society and
ensures all our actions work to better our members and the wider community.
As a society, we pride ourselves on our philanthropic values and look forward to welcoming students
from all backgrounds who wish to make a positive impact. Our charity of choice for this year will be
Islamic Relief.

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