King's College London Men’s Basketball
King's College London Men’s Basketball

King's College London Men’s Basketball


King's College London


KCLBC is one of the fastest growing sports societies on campus, totalling over 60 full-time members, and over a hundred alumni across the world. Our club allows students to train and compete in several intercollegiate basketball leagues while providing a platform for the formation of a diverse network of interdisciplinary links. We aim to enable our players to become valued members of the King’s and global student community. – many of our athletes, for instance, hold positions in other society committees.

Hence our team is widely known across the student body and can reach out to the
widest possible audience, creating promotional and recruitment opportunities for your company.
Additionally, through sponsoring us, your company could reach out not only to the KCL student body, but to other UK and European universities. KCLBC regularly competes against other south-eastern universities, such as UCL, LSE, Imperial College London, University of Brighton, and Anglia Ruskin, among others, and has recently taken part in an intercollegiate tournament in France – Les Parisiennes, where it took on Sciences Po and the University of Sorbonne.

We would also like to highlight the fact that we share a home floor and frequently scrimmage with the Lewisham Thunder, a potential BBL team with whom we have a fruitful and mutually beneficial

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