Baseball and Softball
Baseball and Softball

Baseball and Softball


King's College London


KCL Baseball and Softball is a student-led sports team at King’s College London, catering for people interested in playing baseball or softball at both beginner and experienced levels. Formed in the academic year of 2017, we compete in the South-East division of the British University Baseball League alongside organised games with other universities.

As a sports team of the King's College London Student Union, KCL Baseball and Softball participates in the annual Varsity Series between the student unions of King's College London and University College London, furthering the historic rivalry between the two universities. Reflecting our growing membership and exposure, we plan to compete in the Fall National University Baseball Championship in the coming academic years.

While KCL Baseball and Softball is committed in continuing its winning culture, we, as a team, are also devoted to creating a sustainable programme which nurtures and improves every single player, regardless of skill level. This is reflected in the team's dedication in our regular and additional practices, as well as emphasis on not requiring prior baseball/softball experience. Additionally, as our team is diverse in terms of our members’ backgrounds, we strive to create a familial culture through our weekend practices and social events, allowing them to feel at home in London.

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