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African Caribbean Society

African Caribbean Society


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This is Edinburgh Napier University’s African and Caribbean Society. We are a new society at Edinburgh Napier University, of many members of African, Caribbean and other descent. Our society aims to educate Edinburgh Napier University and the residents of the United Kingdom about the culture, history, and politics of the diverse African and Caribbean countries. Mediums through which this information is communicated is through social media, the university’s radio, mini public service announcements, and most importantly hosting events. This year is special for our community, as 2019 marks 400 years since the end of the transatlantic slavery. To acknowledge this occasion, one charity event that your business can support us in is our ongoing mission to sponsoring an African child for their education. We aim to educate one child every year, which will cost us 360 pounds. For this very good cause, it would be highly appreciated if your business could sponsor or even donate some money to help us reach this goal to educate a child. In return, we will propagate your business via our communication mediums; social media, the university’s radio, etc.

Thank you very much!

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