NHSF Cardiff Hindu Society
NHSF Cardiff Hindu Society

NHSF Cardiff Hindu Society


Cardiff University


NHSF Cardiff Hindu Society believes in providing every member with a unique chance to engage their university experience with Hindu culture in a social, educational & spiritual way, whilst promoting unity amongst the Hindu youths and other cultural/spiritual backgrounds. This will be achieved through a range of dynamic events and activities. There will be plenty on offer such as:

Regional and national sports competitions
Dinners, dances, discussions, debates and Sewa days (charity)
Regular Aarti’s

We seek to educate our members in Hindu and Indian culture. We are passionate about Sewa, and hope to do lots of charity events. We want to make a positive difference to the Hindu community and an equally positive difference to the local Cardiff community at large.

The main objectives of this society are to:

Create a home away from home to support students.
Nurture eternal Hindu principles such as respect, cohesion and diversity.
Develop future leaders, ambassadors and role models.
Ensure Hindu representation in all spheres of society.
Maintaining the fun and social aspect of a society
Active support services
Cultural music

Strive to Promote, Preserve, Practice and Protect Hindu Dharma.

Upcoming Events
The Committee