Hiking Society
Hiking Society

Hiking Society


Cardiff University


CUHS is a friendly, active and inclusive sports society at Cardiff University. We have around 100 members per year, with a range of students from different courses, countries and experience all united with their love for the outdoors. We are a very active society with weekly socials and two outdoor activities each week. Plus, we organise termly weekend trips all over the UK.

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The Committee

Dale Homewood


Top dog studying geology

Ianto Jones



Daniel Mapatac

Expeditions Officer

In love with the outdoors - can be found either up a mountain or at the local climbing wall.

Katie Webb

Health and Safety Officer

Making sure our expeditions officer doesn't lead anyone to harms way.

Matthew Seabourne

Social Secretary

Making socials great again.

Ben Wilson

Wellbeing Officer

Helping every member feel a bit better.